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The Best Free Solitaire Apps For iPhone and Android
Need help finding the right Solitaire app you can play every day? In this guide, we list out the best solitaire apps and ranked them by their game type.

Report: Here’s What It’s Like to Date a Gamer
Want to know what it’s like to date a gamer before you take the plunge? Read on to find out!

Quietest cities in U.S. statistics
Data reveals most quiet cities in U.S. based on light pollution and noise pollution statistics in 2022

Catching Them All: Pokémon Across the Nation
Which Pokemon is the most popular in each state? A new study by SolitaireBliss finds out.

8 Different Types of Solitaire Games to Play
Get step-by-step instructions on how to play eight types of Solitaire games: Classic, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Yukon, Forty Thieves, Spider, and Canfield.

11 Strategies to Win Solitaire
In this guide, we go over the best Solitaire strategies to help you win your next game.

These Are the Most Popular “Granny Hobbies” by State
We conducted a study of the most popular “granny hobbies” by state and surveyed 800 people under 40 on their most “granny-like” habits.

Video gaming statistics 2022
Research on video game players’ screen time, behaviors, and obsessions.

How to Play Solitaire: Rules and Strategies for Beginners
Learn how to set up solitaire in a few simple steps. You just need a standard deck of cards (or the electronic version) and yourself!

How to Set Up Solitaire
Learn how to set up solitaire in a few simple steps. You just need a standard deck of cards (or the electronic version) and yourself!

Study: 68% of Americans plan to 'revenge travel' but brace for bad behavior
We surveyed more than 1,200 Americans about their experiences with revenge travel and bad travel etiquette during the last year.

Most Popular Drinking Games by State in 2022
A new report finds Americans are turning some classic games into all-out drinking games.

Most Popular Board Game in Each State
Our latest report shows the most popular board game in every state in 2022, based on Google search trend data.

Over 50% of WFH employees have not met their colleagues, and 30% play online games together
Statistics on how new work-from-home employees socialize

How We Improved Our Employee Engagement by over 40%
We used employee engagement surveys to improve our team productivity at Solitaire Bliss

What We've Learned About Improving Customer Experience at Solitaire Bliss
Tips to improve customer service as a classic games company

Optimism Index 2022
How happy are we going into 2022

As A Single Player Game, We Wanted To Know The Suburbs With The Most Singles
Which US suburbs have the most singles? We analyzed US Census Bureau data to find out.

How We Went Remote And Improved Productivity
Firsthand lessons on improving productivity

How We Increased Our Email Open Rates By 86.3%
How our team at Solitaire Bliss improved our email open rates

2 in 5 Americans don’t know their home state motto
Do you know your state motto? Try finding out with our interactive map.

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