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Optimism Index 2022

By Neal - 01/25/2022

Our goal at Solitaire Bliss is to be a destination where people can take a break, have fun, and relax. We believe that through games, like Solitaire, we can improve the quality and state of happiness for our users.

With our mission of delivering happiness through games, we wanted to know how optimistic people were heading into 2022, especially given the challenges of the pandemic over the last two years. 

The results are below, but overall, we aren't too optimistic about 2022, with scores averaging 6/10. Those in Rhode Island are the most optimistic, scoring 7.2/10. 

With regard to Covid, 23% of us are optimistic we'll turn the corner. However, when it comes to climate change, only 4% of us think we'll make progress tackling it. No matter your state of optimism, you can always rely on Solitaire Bliss to play fun games and cheer you up!

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