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AI Creates Pro Sports Teams for Over 40 Worldwide Cities Without Them

By Assaf - 11/28/2023

In the world of professional sports, certain cities have long enjoyed the spotlight while others have yearned for their own moment to shine. Isn't it about time that Las Vegas steps up to the plate and becomes home to a major league baseball team? Shouldn't Austin have its own NFL team?

Solitaire Bliss is turning these dreams into reality for more than three dozen cities in the U.S. and beyond still yearning for their own pro teams. Leveraging the power of the AI language model ChatGPT and the AI image-generator Stable Diffusion XL, we've crafted team names, jerseys, and lovable mascots, all in the name of kindling the sports fever in these unsung cities.

Read on to explore the potential of these cities, from bustling urban landscapes to charming small towns, as they claim their rightful place on the pro-sports map.

NFL Teams

Chattanooga Ironhorses

The Chattanooga Ironhorses charge into the NFL, their name a powerful homage to the city's railroad history. Their mascot, Steel Steed, stands ready for action, shining as a beacon of the gritty determination and enduring strength of steel. With the black and yellow colors of the team, this mascot embodies the relentless spirit of Chattanooga, inspiring the team to push forward with the force of a full-throttle freight train.

Huntsville Rockets

The Huntsville Rockets celebrate the city's contributions to the U.S. space program. Their mascot, Rocket the Raccoon, appears to be an adventurous spirit with readiness to take on all challenges. Rocket's clever gaze and nimble posture are reminiscent of Huntsville's reputation for technological innovation and exploration beyond the earth's atmosphere, signaling the team's pursuit of stellar achievements on the football field.

Baton Rouge Rougarou

The Baton Rouge Rougarou roar onto the NFL scene, their team name and mascot rooted deeply in Louisiana folklore. Bayou the Rougarou, with a fierce stance and vibrant yellow fur, captures the mythical spirit of the legendary creature akin to a werewolf. This mascot’s presence on the sidelines is as intimidating as it is exhilarating, a symbol of the team's ferocity and untamed spirit. With Bayou leading the pack, the Baton Rouge Rougarou are set to unleash their wild side on the field, hunting for victory with prowess.

Austin Bats

The Austin Bats swoop into the NFL with a mascot that celebrates the city's unique natural inhabitants: a large urban bat colony. Echo the Bat stands ready on the field, wings unfurled and eyes bright, embodying the team's agile nature. With Austin rumored to gain a real NFL team, Echo is the perfect ambassador, showcasing the city's distinctive character and the Bats' readiness to conquer the field.

London Monarchs

The London Monarchs bring a regal flair to the NFL, their team and mascot paying homage to the city's royal history and the elegant monarch butterfly. Majesty the Monarch, donning the team's colors with a bright and cheerful smile, stands ready to lead the team to glory. As London buzzes with rumors of gaining a real pro team, Majesty symbolizes London's majestic past and the lofty ambitions of its future team. Embodying the essence of royalty and the delicate strength of a butterfly, the Monarchs are poised to flutter above the competition.

Mexico City Aztecs

The Mexico City Aztecs honor the region's rich indigenous history with their vibrant team spirit and mascot, Sol the Sun Eagle. Clad in the team's colors, Sol signifies the team's ambition to be at the forefront in the league. With Mexico City rumored to welcome a pro team, Sol the Sun Eagle is ready to represent the city's rich past and bright future, inviting fans to join in the legacy of triumph and cultural pride.

San Diego Waves

The San Diego Waves bring the city's famed beach and surf culture to the pro sports arena. Splash the Dolphin, in the team's striking blue and yellow colors, personifies the energetic and playful spirit of San Diego's oceanic lifestyle. As San Diego is rumored to welcome a new pro team, and already boasts a women's soccer team of the same name, Splash stands ready to make a splash in the big league, promising fans a tide of excitement.

St. Louis Rivermen

The St. Louis Rivermen honor the Mississippi River's pivotal role in shaping the city's history, with "rivermen" celebrating the brave and enduring spirit of the river's navigators. Their mascot, Fleet the Frog, leaps into action in the team's navy and green, a symbol of the agility and resourcefulness required to thrive along the riverbanks. As St. Louis anticipates the arrival of a new rumored pro team, Fleet stands ready to embody the city's adventurous legacy and the Rivermen's determination to make waves in the league.

Toronto Mounties

The Toronto Mounties bring the tradition of Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the pro sports stage. Their mascot, Maple the Moose, dons the team's red uniform, signifying the Mounties' iconic red regalia. With his antlers held high, Maple represents the strength and steadfastness of the Mounties. As Toronto buzzes with the prospects of hosting a new pro team, Maple the Moose stands as a proud symbol of Canadian heritage and the unwavering spirit of the Mounties, ready to patrol the field and charge toward victory.

NBA Teams

Fort Wayne Flight

The Fort Wayne Flight soar into the NBA, paying tribute to the city's history of aviation innovation, particularly its connection to Art Smith, the "Bird Boy of Fort Wayne,” who was a pioneering aviator. Their mascot, Flash the Falcon, embodies the speed, agility, and spirit that the Flight represents. With a keen gaze and a poised stance, Flash is a symbol of the team's high aspirations and their commitment to pushing the limits of what's possible on the basketball court.

Lexington Racers

The Lexington Racers bring the speed and elegance of Kentucky's horse racing heritage to the NBA. Their mascot, Sprint the Stallion, embraces this tradition with his athletic build and the number 13 jersey, perhaps a playful challenge to the superstition of bad luck. Just as stallions race towards the finish line with power and grace, Sprint embodies the team's determination to gallop past their opponents and seize victory on the basketball court.

Little Rock Diamonds

The Little Rock Diamonds make a sparkling entry into the NBA, their name a clever play on the city's geology, boasting an active diamond mine, and the hard, unyielding nature of the sport. Their mascot, Rocky the Frenchie, with a maroon jersey and a basketball at the ready, personifies the team's tenacity and resilience. Rocky stands not just as a lovable figure but as a symbol of the Diamonds' commitment to shine bright and tough it out on the court.

Syracuse Salt Kings

The Syracuse Salt Kings reign over the basketball court. Their royal mascot, King Salt, donning a crown, embodies the regal history of Syracuse's once-booming salt industry. His presence at games is a powerful reminder of the city's heritage, and his commanding appearance inspires the team to aspire to greatness.

Tulsa Tornadoes

The Tulsa Tornadoes take the NBA by storm, their name reflecting the awe-inspiring and destructive nature of the cyclones known to sweep through Oklahoma. Their mascot, Twister the Bull, stands tall in the team's colors, his horns and confident smile suggesting the strength and indomitable spirit the Tornadoes bring to the court. The Tornadoes, with Twister leading the charge, are set to leave an impression on the league as memorable and commanding as the natural wonder they're named after.

Worcester Voyagers

The Worcester Voyagers are a nod to the city's pivotal role in the era of transportation. Their mascot, Voyager the Viking, with his robust beard and a horned helmet, is a bold symbol of exploration and conquest. His presence on the court channels the pioneering spirit of the influential Blackstone Canal, reflecting the enduring drive that fueled Worcester's growth. Voyager stands not just as a figure of historical tribute but as a representation of the team's journey towards success, ready to navigate the challenges ahead with the same vigor that once propelled the city's industrial voyage.

Las Vegas High Rollers

The Las Vegas High Rollers bring the thrill of the city's famed gambling scene to the NBA. Their mascot, Treasure the Tiger, is a striking embodiment of Vegas' vibrant and high-stakes atmosphere. As rumors swirl about a real-life NBA team setting up shop in the city, Treasure stands ready to lead the pack, promising that every game played by the High Rollers will be as exciting and unpredictable as the city itself.

Seattle Emeralds

The Seattle Emeralds capture the essence of the city's nickname, "The Emerald City," through their vibrant connection to the lush evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest. Their mascot, Emerald the Eagle, with his wings spread wide and a basketball in hand, symbolizes the team's expansive reach and soaring ambitions. With the city's rumored anticipation of a real NBA team, Emerald stands as a beacon of pride, ready to embody the resilience and beauty of Seattle on the national court.

NHL Teams

Anchorage Arctic Foxes

The Anchorage Arctic Foxes glide into the National Hockey League, celebrating Alaska's wild spirit and resilience. Their mascot, Agile the Arctic Fox, with a sharp gaze and poised stance, embodies the endurance necessary to thrive in Alaska's harsh climates. Clad in the team's teal and white jersey, Agile represents the swift and strategic gameplay the Arctic Foxes aim to bring to the rink.

Fargo Frost Giants

The Fargo Frost Giants pay homage to North Dakota’s frigid winters and rich Scandinavian heritage. Fang the Frost Giant, with his imposing horns and icy blue complexion, captures the daunting essence of Norse mythology's ancient beings. As Fargo embraces its Nordic roots, Fang stands as a towering figure of strength and resilience, ready to lead the Frost Giants to legendary status in the league.

Madison Muskies

The Madison Muskies skate into the NHL, named after the muskellunge fish, a top prize among Wisconsin's waters. Their mascot, Finley the Muskie, embodies the vigor and fight of this elusive creature. Wearing the team's deep green and yellow, Finley symbolizes the determination and spirit of the team, ready to make a splash in the league with the strength and precision of Wisconsin's favorite freshwater giant.

Spokane Pines

The Spokane Pines are a tribute to the pine-covered landscapes of the Washington region. Their mascot, Spruce the Pinecone, with his cozy, coniferous exterior, embodies the rugged beauty and resilience of Spokane's evergreen forests. As Spokane is known for its dense pine forests, Spruce is perfectly poised to be the symbol of the team's tenacity and the enduring spirit of the Pines.

Houston Comets

The Houston Comets are a nod to Houston’s central role in space exploration and the swift, dynamic nature of hockey. Their mascot, Luna the Lynx, sports a jersey befitting the Comets’ fast-paced style, reflecting the celestial speed and agility associated with both comets in space and players on the ice. As Houston is rumored to be on the cusp of welcoming an NHL team, Luna stands as an emblem of the city's aerospace legacy and the Comets’ aspiration to soar in the league.

Oklahoma City Twisters

The Oklahoma City Twisters barrel into the NHL scene, their name echoing the powerful tornadoes that sweep through the local landscape. Their mascot, Windy the Wildcat, with his fierce expression and unhesitating stance, encapsulates the untamable energy of a twister. As Oklahoma City is abuzz with the potential of housing an NHL team in real life, Windy stands as a symbol of the Twisters’ readiness to whirl into action and take the hockey world by storm.

Quebec City Caribou

The Quebec City Caribou pays homage to the region's majestic wildlife and rich French heritage. Their mascot, Charger the Caribou, dons the team's colors, with antlers raised high, embodying the strength and grace of the northern caribou. As Quebec City anticipates its entry into the real NHL, Charger stands as a proud symbol of the city's connection to the wilderness and its storied past, ready to lead the Caribou in a charge toward victory.

Salt Lake City Blizzard

The Salt Lake City Blizzard reflects the fierce snowstorms characteristic of the region. Icy the Polar Bear, their mascot, stands on the ice in a cool blue jersey, embodying the wintry spirit of the team. With paws ready, Icy represents the resilience and endurance needed to thrive in the NHL's competitive climate. As Salt Lake City is whispered to be in line for an NHL team, Icy the Polar Bear is poised to become the face of a team that aims to embody the relentless force of a blizzard in every match.

MLS Teams

Bakersfield Drillers

The Bakersfield Drillers draw inspiration from the city's robust oil industry. Their mascot, Driller the Chipmunk, embodies the essence of the team with an energetic stance and spirited expression. The name "Drillers" suggests a team that's ready to dig deep, push through challenges, and extract victory from their competition. Driller, with a friendly smile and enthusiastic waving, is ready to become a beloved symbol for Bakersfield fans and soccer enthusiasts alike.

Boise Timberwolves

The Boise Timberwolves carve out their territory in Major League Soccer with a mascot that exudes the wild spirit of their namesake. Alpha the Timberwolf, with striking features and confident demeanor, is the embodiment of the team's values: strength, agility, and the primal instinct to lead the pack. The Timberwolves’ name and Alpha's vivid presence send a clear message: This team has the heart and soul of the wilderness, ready to bring untamed energy to the stadium.

Des Moines Golden Harvesters

The Golden Harvesters take to the soccer field with a mascot that captures the essence of the region's agricultural abundance. Sunny the Golden Cow, with its bright yellow hue and energetic pose, symbolizes the prosperity and hard work that define Iowa's farming heritage. The Golden Harvesters' name reflects the wealth of crops and the diligent effort of those who tend to them, while Sunny radiates joy as golden as the fields surrounding Des Moines.

El Paso Vaqueros

The El Paso Vaqueros stride onto the soccer scene with a mascot that captures the city's vibrant ranching legacy and Hispanic heritage. Canyon the Clever Cowboy, a fox dressed in a striking red jacket with a cowboy hat adorned with stars, exudes the charisma and savvy associated with the legendary vaqueros.

His confident posture and the sly twinkle in his eye reflect a team that's as smart and strategic as it is rooted in the rich Mexican-American culture of El Paso. The Vaqueros’ name honors the skill and spirit of cowboys, while Canyon stands as their charming ambassador.

Lakeland Citrus

Lakeland Citrus bursts onto the scene with a mascot as vibrant as Florida's famed citrus groves. Peely the Parrot, with his bright orange and green feathers, is the personification of the region’s sun-kissed fruits. Peely's colorful appearance not only pays homage to the lush citrus industry but also infuses a sense of tropical exuberance into the team’s identity. As the face of the Lakeland Citrus, Peely is a beacon of cheer, encouraging fans to flock to the games and share in the sweet taste of victory.

Providence Steamers

The Providence Steamers celebrate Rhode Island's maritime history with their robust mascot, Boiler the Bear. Dressed in the team's colors, Boiler embodies the strength and enduring legacy of the steamships that once navigated Rhode Island’s waters. Boiler the Bear is not just a mascot but also a tribute to the industrial might that propelled Providence into modernity and now stands ready to steer the Steamers toward victory on the soccer field.

MLB Teams

Charleston Tide Runners

The Charleston Tide Runners, one of Major League Baseball's newest imagined teams, captures the essence of the coastal city with their mascot, Gil Grandslam, an adorable blue fish. Named to reflect Charleston's historic connection to the ocean and its tidal rivers, the Tide Runners symbolize the city's fluidity and resilience.

Corpus Christi Hurricanes

The Corpus Christi Hurricanes represent the strength and spirit of their Gulf Coast city. Their mascot, Rusty the Redhawk, is a fierce yet playful red hawk that captures the city's resilience in the face of the powerful storms it often encounters. This team embodies the indomitable spirit of Corpus Christi, a city known for its encounters with nature's might.

Harrisburg Keystones

The Harrisburg Keystones bring a rich slice of Pennsylvania's heritage to the sport. Their mascot, Freedom the Flyer, is a maroon-colored hawk with wings spread wide, embodying the spirit of flight and freedom. The team's name, Keystones, pays homage to Pennsylvania's nickname, "the Keystone State," reflecting its pivotal role in U.S. history.

Reno Silver Barons

The Reno Silver Barons bring a dash of nobility and the pioneering spirit of the Wild West to Major League Baseball. Their mascot, Miney the Prospector, is a whimsical yet formidable figure, with chipmunk-like features that capture a playful charm.

Dressed in a reflective silver miner's suit and wielding a pickaxe, Miney personifies the city's silver mining past while hinting at an air of dominance. The name "Silver Barons'' itself conjures images of wealth and power, perfectly encapsulating the team's ambition and the historic richness of Reno.

Springfield Silos

The Springfield Silos join MLB with a strong connection to the Midwest's agricultural roots, symbolized by their mascot, Silo the Strutter. With his vibrant red feathers and confident stance, Silo is a rooster that personifies the community spirit, stability, and prosperity that silos represent in farming culture.

The name "Silos" reflects not just the physical structures that dot the Midwestern landscape, but also the collective efforts and enduring nature of the communities they serve. Silo the Strutter brings a sense of pride and fortitude to the team, much like the steadfast silos that stand guard over the Midwest's bountiful harvests.

Charlotte Gold Nuggets

The Charlotte Gold Nuggets pay tribute to North Carolina's legacy as the location of America's first gold mining site. Their mascot, Panner the Prospector Pup, is a golden-furred, affable dog. This mascot’s cheerful demeanor and paws-up gesture resonate with the optimistic spirit of not only the early prospectors but also the passion that Charlotteans have for their home teams. The team's name and mascot honor the rich history and the golden aspirations of The Queen City, a city that's also a contender for welcoming an MLB team into its vibrant community in reality.

Las Vegas Spades

The Las Vegas Spades perfectly embody the city's flair for entertainment. Their mascot, Jackpot the Jackrabbit, with his wide-eyed enthusiasm and sporty pose, channels the energetic and playful spirit of Las Vegas. Clad in a crisp baseball uniform, Jackpot is a symbol of the quick-footed excitement that runs through the veins of the city.

The name "Spades" itself is a nod to the card suits found in the casinos of Vegas, suggesting both the luck and strategic thinking synonymous with the city. With Vegas rumored to potentially host an MLB team in reality, Jackpot the Jackrabbit is clearly eager to hop into the hearts of baseball fans with the promise of thrilling games and a jackpot of memories.

Montreal Royals

The Montreal Royals blend the city's regal heritage with the spirit of the game. Their mascot, Bucky The Beaver, with his friendly demeanor and confident thumbs-up, captures the noble essence implied by the team's name. Bucky's appearance pays tribute to Mount Royal, the city's namesake, and the beaver's historical significance to Canada.

The Royals' name evokes a sense of grandeur on the field, promising a team that approaches baseball with dignity. With Montreal rumored to be in the running for an MLB team, Bucky the Beaver stands ready to build a dam-strong fanbase, eager for the royal treatment at the ballpark.

Portland Pioneers

The Portland Pioneers are a perfect tribute to MLB, celebrating the pioneering spirit of the city at the end of the Oregon Trail. Their mascot, Axle the Ox, encapsulates this spirit with an irresistible charm that belies his strength, reflective of the oxen that were essential to the pioneers.

The Pioneers' name and mascot honor Portland’s rich history of exploration, promising a team with relentless spirit. As Portland is rumored to be a future home for an MLB team, Axle is ready to pull the fanbase together with a nod to the city's trailblazing past and its bright future in baseball.

Salt Lake City Bees

The Salt Lake City Bees celebrate Utah's emblematic beehive symbol and its moniker as "The Beehive State.” Their mascot, Stinger, is delightful AND enthusiastic, with plush yellow-and-black stripes and friendly, oversized eyes that immediately endear this mascot to fans.

Stinger's cheerful appearance captures the industrious and community-focused spirit of a beehive, reflecting the teamwork and unity central to both the state of Utah and the sport of baseball. As Salt Lake City is whispered to be a potential addition to the MLB, Stinger is set to rally the crowd, capturing the collective buzz of anticipation for the city's future in the big leagues.


As the final whistle blows on our imaginative tour of pro-sports teams across the globe, we come to appreciate the communities that could host them. Much like a game of Solitaire, each card — or city — in the deck has a role to play and a spot to fill.

Solitaire Bliss has reshuffled the deck of the sports world, assigning new suits to over 40 cities, turning the dreams of sports fans into a collective vision of possibility. And if you’re in the mood for competition but your city doesn’t have a major league team, you can always play a game of FreeCell or Forty Thieves Solitaire.


To generate team names, we entered the following prompt into ChatGPT: “Using a list of cities and their designated major sports leagues, please suggest unique and fitting team names that encapsulate the spirit, culture, and geographical elements of each city. The list is as follows: …”

All images in this study were generated using Stable Diffusion XL which is an AI image generator produced by

To generate team jerseys, we entered the following prompt into Stable Diffusion XL: “Text TEAM NAME on a SPORT jersey, singular SPORT jersey is against a plain wall, neutral background, photorealistic, shot in high resolution and captures the subject with stunning realism, ultra realistic photo, Sony α7 III camera, equipped with an 85mm lens.”

Once we collected all the jersey images, we then photoshopped them to ensure letters and numbers were legible.

To generate team mascots, we entered the following prompt into Stable Diffusion XL: “ A costume mascot for SPORT team TEAM NAME, mascot is wearing JERSEY COLORS jersey, ultra-realistic photograph captured with a Sony α7 III camera, equipped with an 85mm lens at F 1.2 aperture setting, engaging with crowd, appears either excited or serious, shot in high resolution.”

To generate names for each mascot, we entered the following prompt into ChatGPT: “I have a TYPE mascot for a SPORT team called TEAM NAME. The mascot looks EMOTION. What should I name it?”

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