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What We've Learned About Improving Customer Experience at Solitaire Bliss

By Neal - 01/28/2022

My favorite part about Solitaire Bliss is talking to our players. For example, I get to hear about all the different solitaire games they play and how we can develop more features for them.

Though it took us some time to get there, I think we have some of the best customer support in the industry. Currently, we enjoy a 89% customer satisfaction score.

How did we do that, and why should you improve customer service?

Customer service impacts your company's bottom line directly

A good customer support experience could mean the difference between losing a customer and retaining one.

How often do consumers cut ties with companies because of bad customer service? It's more common than you think.

On the flip side, even though you don’t hear about it, how often do users stay with your service because they’ve enjoyed the experience? Probably most!

Then why not try to further improve your customer experience with great customer support. Attracting, retaining, and strengthening customer loyalty requires more than marketing strategies.

At SolitaireBliss, we’ve seen that investments in faster response times for our users resulted in a ~10% improvement in users returning to play our solitaire games, leading to a strong lift in revenue.

Including open-text feedback in our surveys improved customer service by 23%

Customers tend to be more passionate and convincing when they speak or write in their own words.

We listen to our players' opinions and feedback, which we get by asking them questions on surveys. For instance, we found that people often didn't know how to compete on our leaderboard, so we added more hints to help them understand it better.

When we proactively ask users for feedback, we consistently find that our customer satisfaction scores improve on average by 23%. This tells us the more we connect and involve our users in our game creation, the more loyal users we cultivate.

Other solutions that helped us improve customer service

While direct feedback from customers can improve your customer satisfaction, creating a great experience for your users comes from all aspects of your business. For example:
  • We had given a shoutout to one of our customer support agents for doing a great job. The next week we noticed that the customer satisfaction score for that agent improved 12%. Creating an environment where your team puts your customers first goes a long way towards improving your customer experience.
  • Personalization makes customer journeys smoother by making products tailored to customer needs. We personalize our emails by making recommendations based on each customer's playing history. For example, we might suggest playing FreeCell Solitaire if they like Klondike Solitaire. This helps us strengthen the bond between player and brand!
  • We use journey maps to understand player experiences better and identify opportunities for improvement as they move through the game.
  • We invest in technologies that make it easier for users to subscribe and access our games. This includes exploring more single sign on options so users don’t have to manage yet another username and password.
  • Some people still prefer to figure things out for themselves rather than spend time going back and forth with a company representative. For such users, we have created an FAQ section on our website. Now our users have options: they can reach out to us directly or navigate our FAQ for their answer.
  • The bottom line: Take customer service seriously

    While it’s not easy to measure the returns on investing in customer service and experience, to us, it’s a no brainer. We believe if we focus on creating a great experience with our users where they enjoy our games and service, they will come back to play more.

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