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Study Unveils the Most Introverted States in the U.S.

By Assaf - 03/14/2023
a person happily reading a book alone There’s no denying that being social can be fun and exciting. However, there are also times when we crave solitude and prefer to go it alone. Whether it’s working out at the gym, playing a game of Solitaire, or just enjoying some quiet time, many people have discovered the joys of a more introverted approach to their daily routine.

We analyzed data gathered from the Census Bureau’s American Time Use Survey to uncover which states prefer to embrace solitude and which prefer to socialize. Through our analysis and categorization of this information, we were able to gain valuable insights into the habits and preferences of individuals across the country. So if you’re curious to find out whether your state is a haven for introverts or a social butterfly’s paradise, read on!

Key Findings

  • Vermont, New Hampshire, and Montana are the most introverted states.

  • South Dakota, Hawaii, and Alabama are among the most extroverted states.

  • Residents in West Virginia and Virginia enjoy exercising alone.

  • Residents in Wyoming, North Dakota, and Michigan are most likely to enjoy a meal alone.

United States map of the most introverted and extroverted states

How We Measured Introverted States

At the heart of American culture lies a complex interplay between social interaction and individual introspection. To better understand this dynamic, we delved into everyday activity data from the Census Bureau and created four distinct categories to represent Americans’ daily habits: fitness, entertainment, home, and leisure. By examining these categories, we gained a better understanding of the relationship between daily activities and introversion.

Through our analysis, we ranked the most introverted states in the U.S. At the top of the list are Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana, and Alaska, all boasting high percentages of individuals who report preferring to perform everyday activities alone.

And it makes sense that our findings presented in this way – from the mountains of New Hampshire to the rugged wilderness of Alaska, it’s no surprise that people in these states value solitude. Whether it’s the long, dark days of winter or the sprawling nature that surrounds them, these states provide the perfect backdrop for individuals to find peace in their own company.

As we dug deeper into the data, we noticed some standout activities that revealed the inner workings of each state’s personality. Whether it was the simple act of eating and drinking, escaping into a good book, relaxing and thinking, or watching TV or movies, these activities highlighted the subtle but important differences that make each state unique. For example, some states exhibited a preference for solitude, while others showed a stronger inclination toward social activities. By using these standout activities, we were able to further analyze and rank the most introverted states. Ultimately, our analysis provided valuable insights into the diverse range of personalities and preferences across the United States.

most introverted states by category including fitness, entertainment, home, and leisure

West Virginia Takes the Lead as Most Introverted for Fitness Habits

Staying fit is a top priority for many Americans, but fitness habits tend to be unique to each individual. To better understand how Americans approach their fitness regimens, we honed in on a specific set of activities that are often associated with solo fitness, including yoga, biking, hiking, and weightlifting/strength training.

At the top of our fitness ranking lies West Virginia, Virginia, and Montana, where individuals report a strong preference for exercising alone. On the other end of the spectrum, states such as Rhode Island, Maine, and Delaware are less likely to work out alone, with a higher percentage of folks preferring to exercise in groups or with a partner.

Interestingly, we found that some overall extroverted states, such as South Dakota, actually ranked quite high in wanting to go solo for fitness. Despite ranking #50 overall, South Dakota placed #11 in the fitness category, indicating that even in more social states, individuals still value their alone time when it comes to staying in shape. Similarly, Texas ranked #44 overall but placed #12 in our fitness category. This suggests that even in larger, notoriously social states, individuals still place a high value on their personal fitness routines and the benefits that come with working out alone.

Vermont Ranks Most Introverted for Entertainment

From creative DIY projects to adventurous outdoor hobbies, Americans have a wide range of entertainment to choose from. In our analysis, we focused on several activities that are often associated with a more introverted approach to leisure, including arts and crafts, playing games, reading, fishing, listening to/playing music, and sewing.

Our findings reveal that many states prefer their entertainment activities to be quiet and calm, allowing for a break from the constant buzz of life. For example, Vermont and New Hampshire topped the charts as the most introverted states for entertainment, with Rhode Island close behind. When it comes to reading, our top two states also take the lead followed by Oregon.

When it comes to watching TV and movies alone, North Dakota takes the lead as the most introverted state, with Oklahoma and Delaware close behind. However, it’s worth noting that North Dakotans are also the least likely to want to relax and think alone, ranking at the very bottom of the list for this category (#50). This just goes to show that even within the same state, individuals can have very different preferences for their alone time. 

Alaska Takes the Lead in Housework Autonomy

From pampering beloved furry friends to perfecting our green thumbs, the home category includes a variety of activities that keeps our nests cozy and tidy: building/repairing furniture, caring for animals/pets, food and drink preparation, garden/houseplant care, research/homework, and exterior cleaning.

After analyzing the data, we found that the top three introverted states in the home category are Alaska, Wyoming, and Utah, all showing a strong inclination towards independence when it comes to maintaining the household.

Montana, on the other hand, presents an interesting contrast in our analysis. While they’re all about solo fitness activities (#3), such as yoga or weightlifting, they sit at the very bottom of our list for home activities (#50). Perhaps residents of Montana enjoy the solitary and meditative aspects of solo exercise, but prefer to have a helping hand when it comes to burdensome household chores. This contrast points out the diversity in preferences across states, and highlights the fact that introverts may not always prefer solitary activities and extroverts may not always prefer group activities. 

Don’t Ask Wyoming to Share Their Fries

Americans have a large range of leisure activities at their fingertips, including relaxing/thinking, shopping, health-related self care, eating/drinking, and indulging in some vices like tobacco and drug use. We focused on how Americans prefer to partake in these activities: alone or in the company of others.

Vermont tops the list for preferring solo entertainment, yet when it comes to leisurely activities, Vermonters tend to enjoy company (#28).

Meanwhile, North Carolina likes to mix things up. They’re content with solo leisurely activities (#11) but prefer to have someone to share the fun with when it comes to entertaining activities like the performing arts (#38). It’s all about balance, folks.

When it comes to eating and drinking, Wyoming takes the cake (or maybe keeps it all to themselves) followed by North Dakota and Michigan. These states are the most likely to prefer solitude when indulging in delicious foods and beverages. So, if you live in one of these top three states, don’t expect to be invited to share in someone else’s meal.

And last but not least: Montana. It tops the charts for preferring solo leisure, relaxing, and thinking. So, if you’re in Big Sky Country and see someone quietly sitting alone, it's best not to disturb them. They’re probably enjoying some much needed alone time.

most introverted states by activity


Maintaining a healthy balance between social interaction and solitude is key to a well-rounded life. And that balance can vary from person to person and even from day to day. Whether you prefer the company of others or crave solo time, remember that there are many different types of Solitaire and it can be played in doubles or alone!


We analyzed a range of activity data from the Census Bureau’s American Time Use Survey to find out which states prefer their solitude and which prefer some company. Once we established a series of everyday activities, we then dispersed the activities into four categories: fitness, entertainment, home, and leisure. From there, we analyzed the numbers by state and ranked them accordingly.

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