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Solitaire Turn 1
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Solitaire Turn 1

Game Type: Solitaire
Win Statistics:25%

Introduction to Solitaire 1 card

Klondike is one of the most-known solitaire card game in the world. In some areas, it's known as American Patience. Often, the game is simply referred to as Solitaire.
In this version of Klondike the Stock deals 1 card at a time. The Stock allows for an unlimited number of passes.

The vast majority of possible hands are theoretically winnable. However, due to wrong moves and because many of the cards are dealt face-down, most winnable games are not won.

Klondike is played with a 52-card deck of standard playing cards. Both ranks and suits of cards are important. From low to high, card ranks run in order from the Ace, to the Two, and so on up to the King.

The Layout, Goal, Strategy and Rules are all the same as for Klondike Solitaire Turn 3 except for the Stock deals only one card at a time into the Waste.
Only the top card in the Waste is visible. Cards underneath can be accessed by playing the current free Waste card.

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[ ? ]Even though winnable games are guaranteed to have a solution, the solution may not be obvious or easy
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Quick Instructions

Solitaire Turn 1

Type: Solitaire
Winning Statistics: 1 in 4 (About 25%)

Goal: Move all of the cards to the foundations

Foundations: Piles:

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