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Battle at Sea

Battle at Sea

Game Type: Strategy Game
Number of Players:2

How to Play Battle at Sea?

Battle at Sea is our variation for a classic strategy game designed for two players.
Originally known as "Salvo" and first introduced by Starex in the 1930s, this game has undergone various changes over the years.
While early versions used printed grids, the game saw a significant evolution in 1967 when Milton Bradley introduced the first plastic board.

Each player has two grids: one for deploying their fleet and one for guessing where the opponent ships are.
Before engaging in battle, players strategically position their ships on their deployment grids.
Then, they take turns selecting cells on the opponent's grid to strike.
When all the cells that make up a ship are hit, the ship will sink.
The ultimate goal is to find and sink all of your opponent's ships before your ships are sunk.

Battle at Sea offers a variety of enjoyable and challenging experiences, including customizable fleets with distinct strengths and weaknesses, as well as diverse attack modes that add strategic depth to your naval battles.

Game Modes

  • Hit Streak:
    • Maintain your momentum by firing continuously as long as your shots find their mark.
    • Click a cell on the opponent's grid to shoot.
  • Chainfire:
    • Strategically unleash a number of shots, firing them one by one, matching the count to the number of your remaining ships.
    • Click a cell on the opponent's grid to shoot.
  • Salvo:
    • Launch a barrage of shots, firing simultaneously, the number of shots will be matching the number of your remaining ships.
    • Click the cells on the opponent's grid to target them.
    • After aiming, you can drag the aim marks around or click them again to remove them.
    • Once all targets are placed, click "Fire" to execute the turn.

An additional option allows you to choose whether ships are allowed to touch each other, adding an extra layer of depth to your strategies.
If the option is checked, ships can be placed in direct contact with each other, creating dense and challenging formations.
Otherwise, ships cannot touch each other. Once a ship is sunk, its surrounding cells are automatically marked as clear.

Deployment Stage

Once you've selected the game mode, you'll be presented with a game board where your fleet of ships is already arranged randomly.
To fine-tune your strategy, simply drag the ships to different positions on the board or click on them to rotate them 90 degrees clockwise.

If you want to explore different deployment options, you can use the "Reshuffle" button to randomly rearrange your ships.

Prepare your fleet wisely and get ready to engage in the ultimate naval battle, once you're satisfied with your fleet's arrangement, click "Play" to commence the game!

Strategy Tips

  • Spread initial attacks: Aim for areas where you haven't hit yet. Concentrate your fire in different regions to locate the opponent's ships effectively.
  • Don't waste your turns: Pay attention to the remaining ships on your opponent's board. If non of the remaining ships fit anywhere in a cluster of cells, there is no point attacking there.
  • Hunt small ships: In Chainfire and Salvo modes, try sinking smaller ships as soon as possible. They might be harder to find, but removing them reduces the opponent's shot count, giving you an advantage in subsequent rounds.
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