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All in A Row
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All in A Row

Game Type: Golf
Win Statistics:0.1%

Introduction to All in a Row

All in a row is played with a 52-card decks of standard playing cards. It has the same rules as Golf Solitaire, but it's a much harder game.

First, pick a card to start with, and click it to move it to the foundation.
Next, try to eliminate all the cards from the Tableau, a card can be removed from the Tableau if it's one rank higher or one rank lower than the current top card in the foundation, regardless of its suit.
For example, if the top foundation card is the 10 of Spades, then a 9 or a Jack can be moved to the foundation on top of it.
Note that a King may be placed over an Ace and an Ace over a King.

All in a Row requires a lot of planning, don't rush a random card to the foundation, plan ahead as far as you can.

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Winnable games for this game will be available soon
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Quick Instructions

All in A Row

Type: Golf
Winning Statistics: 1 in 1000 (About 0.1%)

Goal: Move all of the cards from the piles to the foundation

Foundation: Piles:

Keyboard Shortcuts
Spacebar - Deal a new card
H - Show Hint
U / Ctrl + Z - Undo
N - Open the New Game menu
Plus/Minus - Zoom in/out
Game Paused

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