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Crescent Solitaire

Crescent Solitaire

Game Type: Crescent Solitaire
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Introduction to Crescent Solitaire

Crescent Solitaire is a card game played using two 52-card decks of standard playing cards. It gets its name from the fact that the piles in the game are laid out in a crescent shape.

The game requires skill and careful planning. Winning is not easy, but very satisfying!


The objective of the game is to move all the cards from the outer crescent piles to the foundation piles.

How to Play Crescent Solitaire

When the game starts, 6 face-up cards are dealt into each of the 16 piles, for a total of 96 cards. One Ace is dealt into 4 of the foundations, and one King is dealt to the other 4 foundations.

One card can be moved at a time between piles, and placed on top of another pile's card if it's of the same suit and one rank higher or lower.

The game allows ranks to be wrapped in the piles, which means that the player can place an Ace onto a King or a King onto an Ace.

The 4 foundations that starts with Aces are built up, from Ace to King, so the player can put a 2 over the Ace, and then 3 over the 2, and so on.

The 4 foundations that starts with Kings are built down, from King to Ace, so the player can put a Queen over the King, and then a Jack over the Queen, and so on.

Cards are allowed to be moved away from the Foundations and placed back in the piles.

When the player is either unable or unwilling to move any more cards, they may click on the Shuffle button, which go over each pile and moves its bottom card to be the top card.

The process continues until either no cards remain in the piles, in which case the game is won, or until no more moves can be done.


Here are a few gameplay tips on how to beat Crescent Solitaire:

  • Plan your moves carefully, especially when uncovering cards in the crescent.
  • Pay attention to the order of cards on the foundation piles to optimize your moves.
  • Use the Shuffle button wisely.
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Quick Instructions

Crescent Solitaire

Type: Crescent Solitaire
Winning Statistics: No Winning statistics (new game)

Goal: Move all of the cards to the foundations

Foundations: Piles:

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