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Game Type: Strategy Game
Number of Players:2

How to Play Dominoes?

The game of Dominoes is a timeless classic that has evolved over centuries, with roots tracing back to ancient China.
Believed to have originated in the 12th century, Dominoes has captivated players across the globe with its blend of strategy, skill, and a dash of luck.

The game features a standard set of 28 domino tiles, each divided into two squares and adorned with a unique combination of pips (dots).
The tiles are further distinguished by the presence of doubles, tiles with identical values on both squares.

Each player is dealt 7 tiles. The starting player will be determined by who has the highest double, or in the absence of doubles, the heaviest tile, determined by the sum of pips on both squares.
The opening player can start with any of the tiles.
From this point, players take turns strategically placing tiles, aiming to deplete their own hand while hindering their opponent's progress.

The primary objective is of Dominoes is to accumulate fewer pips than your opponent when the round ends.

Game Modes

Our version of the game introduces two game modes: Draw and Block.
Each offering distinct challenges and strategic possibilities, providing players with a versatile and engaging experience.

  • Draw:
    • Players draw tiles from the boneyard when no matching tile is available in their hand.
    • The drawn tiles are added to the player's hand until a matching tile is found or the boneyard is empty.
    • If the boneyard is empty and no matching tile is found, the turn is passed to the opponent.
  • Block:
    • Only the tiles initially dealt to each player are used throughout the game.
    • When a player doesn't have a matching tile to play, the turn is passed to the opponent.
    • Unlike the Draw game, there is no option to draw from a boneyard in the Block game.
    • Strategic blocking and anticipating the opponent's moves are crucial in this game mode.

In both game modes, when neither player can make a move or when one player exhausts their tiles, the round concludes.


At the end of each round points are awarded as follows:

  • The player which has the lower number of remaining pips in hand, receives points equivalent to the total pips remaining in the opponent's hand.
  • In the event of a draw where both players have an equal number of pips, each player is awarded points equivalent to the total pips in their opponent's hand.

Dominoes Strategy Tips

  • Strategic opening moves: Begin with a strong move, utilizing high doubles or heaviest tiles.
  • Count tiles effectively: Keep a mental count of the tiles played and those remaining in both hands. This information is invaluable in predicting your opponent's moves and planning your strategy.
  • Blocking the opponent: Keep tabs on the numbers your opponent failed to match. Use this information to block effectively, especially in Block mode where no additional tiles are drawn.
  • Diverse hand advantage: Maintain a variety of numbers in your hand to mitigate the risk of being blocked by your opponent, ensuring you have more strategic options and flexibility in your moves.
  • Endgame strategy: As you approach the endgame, be mindful of the remaining tiles in both hands. Plan your moves to minimize your own pips while maximizing your opponent's to secure victory.
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