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Simple Simon
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Simple Simon

Game Type: Spider
Win Statistics: 25%

Introduction to Simple Simon

Simple Simon is an easier variant of Spider Solitaire 4 suits.
The goal of Simple Simon is to build all 4 ordered suits from the King down to the Ace in the Tableau, each of which is automatically sent to a foundation as it's completed.

Simple Simon is played with one 52-card deck. Unlike Spider Solitaire, it does not have a Stock. At the start of the game, all the cards are already dealt and facing up in the Tableau.
Try vacating the two right-most columns early in the game to increase card mobility.

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Quick Instructions

Simple Simon

Type: Spider
Winning Statistics: 1 in 4 (About 25%)

Goal: Move all of the cards to the foundations

Foundations: Piles:

Keyboard Shortcuts
Spacebar - Deal a new card
H - Show Hint
U / Ctrl + Z - Undo
N - Open the New Game menu
Plus/Minus - Zoom in/out
Game Paused
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