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Pyramid Solitaire

Try Pyramid Solitaire, one of the variants of Solitaire.
Your goal is to clear the pile, you can do that by matching two cards that sums up to 13.

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How to play Pyramid Solitaire?

Your goal is to clear all the cards from the pyramid-shapes pile, You can remove two cards if they sum up to 13.
For example, A can be matched with Q (1+12), 2 with J (2+11) and 5 with 8.
King can be removed by itself, just click on it and it will be removed from the pile.
You can match either two cards from the pile, or a card from the deck and a card from the pile.

Note that not all the games can be won.
When the game ends, enter your name for registering a hiscore, or click the red X on top-right to start a new game.
Pyramid Solitaire Game End

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