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FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell, an addicting Solitaire game, differs from most of the other Solitaire games by the fact that most of the games can be solved.

How to play FreeCell Solitaire

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How to play FreeCell solitaire?

Game rules

FreeCell is played using one standard 52 cards deck,
There are four open foundations and four open cells, the Cards are dealt into eight cascades.
The top card in each cascade begins a tableau, Tableaus must be built down by alternating colors (e.g. Red-Black-Red or Black-Red-Black)
Foundations are built up by suit.

Any top card of any cascade or card from a cell, can be moved in order to build on a tableau,
or it can be moved to an empty cascade, an empty cell or its foundation.
Complete or partial tableaus can be moved in order to build on existing tableaus or moved to an empty cascade, by removing and placing cards through intermediate locations.

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