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Klondike Solitaire Strategies

Solitaire is one of the simplest yet challenging card games.
The single player game can offer excellent challenges for individuals and the game is considered as one of the best mental exercise.
The games popularity had faded in the 20th century but the personal computers' Windows operation system from Microsoft brought the game back to life.
The common version of solitaire that we find on personal computers is called Klondike. This game was originally developed by Wes Cherry and only one card turned over at a time.

To make your solitaire experience better, you need to know more than just the simple rules. The secret behind a successful gameplay of solitaire is none other than learning the game strategies.

According to our statistics here at Solitaire Bliss, about 25% of the Klondike Turn 1, and about 9% of the Klondike Turn 3 are won
Here are Seven important strategies that will help you play Solitaire like an expert and beat the game more often.

  • Strategy 1 - Whenever you get the chance to play Ace or Deuce (2), never miss the opportunity expecting that a better one would come later. In solitaire, chances to play Ace and Deuce are considered to be the best moves and there are no substitutes for it.
  • Strategy 2 - Whenever you get the chance to free a downcard, make sure to play that card and keep your other priorities aside.
  • Strategy 3 - Whenever you get an opportunity, make sure to play from the longest list of down cards.
  • Strategy 4 - If you do not have a king to occupy an empty spot, make sure to keep it occupied and don't move the other cards from it.
  • Strategy 5 - Before moving a card to the Foundation, ensure that it will not interfere with your game. One of the common mistakes that solitaire players make is rushing to arrange the foundation and getting stuck in the game. There are many instances where the card that you are forwarding to the foundation can be a good tool to ensure free movement of your cards.
  • Strategy 6 - Always keep a vacant spot so that it will be easier for you to move a king when the situation demands it. This is why experienced players will not make all their columns occupied so that they will always have the option of moving a king that came as a surprise.
  • Strategy 7 - Avoid re-arranging the numbers 5 to 8 unless it is very necessary to continue the game. You can do this when you're about to end the game all you are left with no other possible move. Or else, the best way to keep the game going is to place them wherever they were.

Try these strategies and see if they improve your game, remember that even when using these tips, it is not possible to win all Solitaire games.

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