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Last updated: August 1st 2018

This privacy policy may change in the future, be sure to check this page from time to time.
As used in this Privacy Policy, "We", "Us" or "Our", refers to Mongoose Net Ltd. registered in Israel.
We have created this Privacy Policy to help you understand how we collect personal information, what information is collected and how it is used, by using our mobile applications or using our websites, you consent to the terms in this privacy policy.
This Privacy Policy will not apply to third-party websites and services that are not being owned or controlled by Mongoose Net Ltd. even if linked from our sites or applications.
This Privacy Policy will also not apply to anything that you share on social media or public forums and platforms.

What We Collect and Store Directly

  • For daily challenge games, we collect and store leaderboard data, including the player's nickname, game's ID, and the game's statistics (like time, score and moves statistics)
  • We do not directly collect or store any other data.

What Third-Parties Collect and Store

  • We use Unity Analytics to collect statistical data on the usage of our apps, such as which types mobile devices are used to play the game, which games are the most popular and how many times the application was installed
    Unity Analytics's privacy policy can be found at
  • We use Google's AdMob to display advertisements, Admob may collect unique device identifiers for advertisement, usage data and cookies
    Please refer to Google's privacy policy for more information:
    You can opt out via Google ad settings:


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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