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Hi, I'm Sol, nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Sol, nice to meet you!
I work for a small company called

We've been making Solitaire games for all platforms for many years - we started with websites, then added apps, and our latest additions are Windows and Mac games!
We're located in sunny Tel-Aviv, but many of our writers, graphic designers, and partners are from all around the world!

While I frequently test-play all games, my favorite game is definitely 40 Thieves, I really like the fact that the game can be won or lost on the very last moves. (btw, nowadays I mostly play Josephine which is the easier version).
Of course, I also play a lot of everyone's favorite - Spider 2 suits!

Anyway, I'd love to chat!
Over the years, we've implemented dozens of new features suggested by our players, so please share any feedback, suggestions, or comments.
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Or follow me on Twitter - @SolitaireBliss

Of course, you can always drop by and visit me at 22 Rothschild Boulevard, Floor 12, Tel Aviv.

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